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Penetration Mechanics

DSR staff have over 20 years experience developing shock hardened test platforms for penetration environment applications.  We have a thorough background in penetration mechanics and behavior of material theory as well as mechanical design and mounting of systems for shock survivability.  

Data Recorders

Miniaturized, shock-hardened, data acquisitions systems is a major technical competence of our organization.  We specialize in severe environment, non-volatile memory systems that are designed to function in multi-millisecond environments that exceed 40,000Gs.  Our data recorder systems are GUI interface programmable and the MD-03 system is telemetry capable.

Fast-Acting Valves

DSR designs and manufactures large flow, fast-acting, spool valves for pneumatic applications.  Opening in as little as 1.5 milliseconds, our valves are inlet pressure independent and routinely operate at tank pressures of vacuum to 6,000 psi.  This valve technology has been used in ballistic air gun applications, Hopkinson pressure bar systems, and shock tube applications.  

Firing Sets


Hopkinson Bars

A Hopkinson bar is primarily used for dynamic material characterization of materials or shock pulsing sensors to high levels over relatively short durations.  DSR staff are nationally recognized leaders in not only the design of state-of-the art Hopkinson systems, but also are recognized for their academic accomplishments utilizing such a device.
We have designed and built traditional split Hopkinson pressure bar (Kolsky) systems as well as innovative tensile systems and confined Kolsky systems for a variety of customers.

Triaxial Test Systems

Our servo-hydraulic test devices are custom designed platforms that are capable of loads over 1,000,000 pounds with confining pressures up to 45,000 psi.  We design and fabricate all the mechanical components for these systems along with all the necessary instrumentation for measuring the mechanical properties of test cylinders.  All of these systems can be integrated with existing COTS controller systems for servo-loop control applications.