Dr. Danny J. Frew

President, Senior Mechanical Engineer

As with most small businesses, individuals are expected to perform many different functions within the organization and that is no exception here. In addition to his duties providing direction and oversight to the corporation as a whole, Dr. Frew also serves a senior mechanical design engineer and is often involved in the detailed design work of our projects.

Prior to forming DSR, Dr. Frew was employed for over seven years at Sandia National Laboratories. While at Sandia, he was responsible for the development of new earth penetration weapon systems for the DoD, supported the development of miniature self-contained data recorders and fuzing systems, and the development of state-of-the-art testing equipment. Prior to working at Sandia Labs, Danny worked as a research engineer from 1992-2001 at the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He has published over 20 peer reviewed journal articles and was awarded a patent in 2013 for a standoff door-breaching grenade.

Tony Mittas

Vice President, Senior Electrical Engineer

Mr. Mittas serves as our Vice President and senior electrical design engineer for DSR. Anthony has developed all of our shock-hardened electrical systems and continues to advance the state-of-the-art with his novel ideas and concepts. Before joining DSR, Anthony was employed for a total of 23 years at Sandia National Laboratories as a technical staff member. He brings with him an extensive electrical engineering background including, but not limited to, optics, optical firing-sets, and optical initiation, miniature piezo-motor driver design, miniature hardened, high sample rate data recorders and miniature munition fuzes, RF telemetry system design, and high-voltage electronic system development. Anthony also has extensive electronic circuit design experience with PSpice circuit simulation and design experience with an eye toward testing, assembly, and fabrication of designed hardware. Mr. Mittas has been a member of IEEE since 1991 and was awarded a patent in 2001 for a piezoelectric motor design.

Joseph E. Lucero

Research Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Lucero is our lead mechanical engineer for the majority of our development efforts with the US government. Prior to joining the team at DSR in 2010, Joe worked for over 12 years as a mechanical engineer at Sandia National Laboratories, specializing in mechanical design. The first 7 years of his career were spent in the guidance and control subsystem group where he designed roll stabilized 1-axis gimbal platforms for high accuracy inertial measurement systems, ruggedized electronics packaging for survival in extreme environments, and 3-axis precision pointing systems for numerous radar and optical sensors. He then moved to the penetrator technology group in 2004 where he was involved in full-, mid-, and sub-scale penetrator design. Additionally, he designed packaged various instrumentation and fuze assemblies for use in a variety of experiments. In 2008, he moved to the precision pointing system group where he designed miniature gimbal systems for use in UAV SAR applications and oversaw their integration into airborne platforms. Major milestones during his time at Sandia include the mechanical design of workhorse radar systems such as MiniSAR Copperhead, and Radiant Falcon K as well as completing and successfully utilizing a jointed penetrator in high-speed penetration events.

Benjamin Welch

Senior Software Engineer

Benjamin Welch, is a senior software engineer at Dynamic Systems and Research Corporation. Mr. Welch has a B.S. degree in computer engineering from the University of South Alabama, and an M.S. degree in computer engineering from North Carolina State University. Prior to joining Dynamic Systems and Research, Ben worked for ten years at a Department of Energy research laboratory as a principal engineer. Mr. Welch has a diverse background in embedded systems design for a broad range of applications. Mr. Welch has architected systems for data acquisition, wireless communication, and various National Security applications. His primary emphasis is embedded firmware development and FPGA design. In 2014, Mr. Welch was awarded a patent for a method to automatically adjust trigger thresholds to compensate for drift in signal measurements.

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