Laboratory Test Equipment.

Our families of shock-hardened data recorders were originally developed to measure the complex shock environment that weapon systems commonly experience during projectile penetration into geologic and man-made targets.

Triaxial Devices

DSR is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of triaxial test systems. These systems are capable of measuring the mechanical response of material specimens up to 50-mm-diameter, at pressures up 400 MPa, and at axial load levels of up 9 MN. Our systems are compatible with servo-hydraulic control systems produced by both Instron® and MTS®.

Fast-Acting Valves

DSR has an entire line of fast acting spool valves for use by researchers for a variety of dynamic laboratory applications. These highly reliable, state-of-the-art , are unique from other valves in that they can operate completely independently of inlet pressure with opening times of less than 2 msec.

Hopkinson Bars

Based upon our background in dynamic testing of materials, we developed a series of Hopkinson pressure bar systems and soon found that our customers desired our systems because of the precision and accuracy. We, therefore, have developed a line of Hopkinson pressure bars for our clients that range from bar diameters of 7 to 76 mm. Our configurations include tensile, compression, and triaxial compression systems.

Pressure Intensifiers

We produce high-pressure hydraulic intensifiers for use in our high-pressure test systems. These stand alone items accept standard hydraulic pumping system pressures (~21 MPa) and amplifies the pressure for use in triaxial systems and other high-pressure system applications. Intensification levels of up to 400 MPa (58,000 psi) are achievable with reasonable effort. Pressure levels of 1,000 MPa (145,000 psi) have been reached.

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